On Apri 23rd, NIST released Version 1.1 of the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF).  The original NIST CSF has gained significant traction since its release in early 2014 - within its first 2 years Gartner estimated that 30% of organizations had already adopted some elements of the framework.

To see what version 1.1 adds and how you can use this as a roadmap to greater cybersecurity download our guide to using the CSF to drive greater cybersecurity maturity in control systems

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A survey* found 54% of companies experiencing an ICS security incident in the past year.

Finding a capable partner for ICS security remains the biggest challenge for majority of the companies.* 

Less than 1% of breaches in 2017 were due to 0 day exploits. Are you patching your OT systems? 

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