turnkey security results webinar

Delivering Turnkey Security Results for Your Organization

John Livingston

The explosive growth of IOT and IIOT devices and technology strains an already challenged OT environment for implementing and maintaining effective cybersecurity and reliability controls in operating environments. Traditional IT tools are ill-fitted and lacking in coverage outside of core IT systems and services, which is why we have built the first Operational Technology Systems Management (OTSM) platform.

Our single pane of glass and the 360-degree asset view provide unparalleled insight to act on your ever-expanding fleet of operational technology due to its ability to connect to all manner of IOT/OT devices while providing real-time insight into your entire array of assets.

If you missed the webinar, Rick Kaun, VP of Solutions for Verve Industrial Protection, walked through a unique approach to securing operational technology. He discussed the basics of the Verve Security Center and highlighted a relevant case studies with significant gains in security awareness, controls, and efficiencies.

Download this on-demand webinar and leave with a proper understanding of how Verve's innovative solutions can transform your cybersecurity program.


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